Hello there! You're on my website!

Don't worry—I don't mind; if anything, I'm a little flattered.

I'm Kieran, by the way. As you can see, my website is a little bit bare at the moment in terms of content; but that should change as my 3rd year of university comes to a close. I hope to write about my work, experiences and other things in my life during this time.

Until I've got something more for you to read, you could always learn a little bit about me, if you'd like. Don't feel pressured, it's up to you.

PS: I've not completed this website yet, so some parts of the website may be missing or not how they should be.

Stuff I Rather Enjoy

I'm stuck for what to put on this index page, so this will have to do.

My favourite track right now...

Tap Out
by The Strokes
Comedown Machine (2013)

Football — or "Soccer"

I'm a huge fan of Hull City A.F.C and have been since 1998; last season they were promoted to the English Premier League!